Буторина Анастасия

09.07.1998 -16.06.2015

г. Горловка



Настя Буторина, 16 лет, раненая в результате обстрела укронацистами Горловки в ночь с 10 на 11 июня 2015, скончалась в 11 утра.

Убита 17 м батальоном ВСУ из Кировограда под командованием полк. Александра Щербины.

В ночь с 10 на 11 июня во время обстрела г. Горловки в поселке Мичурино тяжелое ранение получила Анастасия Буторина (род. 09.08.1998). Снаряд разорвался во дворе частного дома, и один из осколков попал через окно в комнату, где в этот момент находилась девушка. В результате попадания осколка Анастасия получила осколочное ранение грудной клетки с повреждением правого легкого, переломы 7,8, 9 ребер справа, а также осколочное проникающее ранение позвоночника.

Девушка была госпитализирована в городскую Больницу №2, где ей была проведена операция, но состояние оставалось крайне тяжелым. Утром 16 июня девушка умерла.

— Настя была студенткой второго курса горного лицея № 109. Хотела получить бухгалтерское и компьютерное образование. Перед ней была вся жизнь. Увлекалась стихами. Сама пробовала писать стихи. Была позитивной активной девочкой. Участвовала во всех общественных мероприятиях, — рассказывают подружки.

Настя была хорошей помощницей матери, никогда не сидела дома без дела. Под обстрелами, рискуя жизнью, бегала в социальную столовую кормить людей. Пасла коров, помогала старушкам.

Похоронили Настю на местном кладбище. Весь поселок пришел попрощаться с девушкой.


Автор очерка Ирина Горбань.

Anastasia Butorina

09.07.1998 — 16.06.2015


From media reports:

“On the night of June 10th to 11th during the shelling of Gorlovka in Michurino village, Anastasia Butorina was seriously wounded by the Ukrainian killers. A shell exploded in the yard of the separate house, one of the fragments got through the window into the room, where the girl was at that moment. Owing to the hit by a shell fragment Anastasia received fragmentation wound to the chest and the right lung; she got several fractures of the 7th, 8th, 9th rib on the right, as well as shrapnel penetrating injury to the spine.”

Anastasia was her mother’s darling. It was difficult for them to live in the countryside. But who can live there easily? They never complained about the life. They simply had no time to that. In the morning, it was necessary to milk a cow, feed the farm and weed the garden. Besides, some cleaning at home, washing, and ironing the clothes. The mother and daughter lived like so. Anastasia was a good helper. While her mother was at the job, she cooked dinner and looked after the farm.

Gorlovka for long has been subjected to heavy shelling. One day the first village was attacked, another day the second one, or even several villages at once. The AFU troops did not stop just for a single day. By the intimidation, they wanted to break civilians down. To no avail. Those who stayed at home knew the risks. They understood that it would be difficult and scary. But their native land is here, as well as their homes and the graves of their ancestors.

On the night of June 10th to 11th, 2015, Anastasia and her mother were at home. They didn’t want to sleep in a cellar and decided to sleep in their beds at least one night. Suddenly, a shell burst outside. The girl suffered multiple fragment wounds: several shell fragments flew into the window. One of the neighbors called an ambulance.

The level of destruction couldn’t be seen: it was total darkness. Fire accident didn’t happen, so it was decided to wait until morning to see the amount of damage.

The girl was taken to the city hospital No. 2. The operation lasted several hours, after which the wounded girl was placed in the resuscitation department. The girl’s

condition remained extremely critical. They just hoped that her young body would withstand.

On June 16, the girl lost her life…

“Anastasia was a second-year student at the mining vocational school No. 109. She wanted to get accounting and computer education. The entire life was before her. She liked poetry, tried to write poetry herself. She was a positive and active girl, participated in all public events,” her girlfriends tell, “It’s hard to believe that we will never see her anymore and will not hear the ringing laugh.”

“Anastasia was a good assistant to her mother; she never sat at home doing nothing. And when the war began, she under the shelling, risking her life, ran to feed people in the social dining room. She wasn’t shy of any work. Her energy could be shared among many girls. She grazed cows, and helped old neighbors turn their cattle to pasture,” a neighbor told tearfully.

Anastasia was buried at the local cemetery. The entire village came to pay last respects to the girl.

Ф.И.О.: Буторина Анастасия Владимировна

Город: Горловка

Дата рождения: 09.07.1998

Дата смерти: 16.06.2015

Причина смерти: в результате артиллерийского обстрела со стороны ВСУ

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